4 Hot Tips on Buying Laptop from China

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The laptop has become an increasingly important product for people to do with.

But do you know how to buy a computer from China?

Place of origin

Shenzhen is called the “world factory”. There is a reason why Shenzhen is called the “world factory” because almost everything is made there. Of course, the same is true for electronic products. It is estimated that 90% of the world’s equipment is produced here, from TVs to mobile phones and computers. Shenzhen is the Chinese version of Silicon Valley, with many large technology companies such as Huawei, Tencent, smartphone brand ZTE, drone manufacturer DJI, and so on.


According to statistics, there are about a thousand laptop brands, which are divided into two categories here.

A. International brands DELL, Microsoft, HP, Apple, LG, VAIO, Samsung, and so on.

B. Chinese brands Lenovo & ThinkPad, Acer & Predator (Taiwan, China), Huawei (China) & Glory, Xiaomi (China) & Redmi, Mechanical Revolution (China), ASUS, MECHREVO, Dere, etc.

I believe everyone is familiar with many brands. Each brand has a different series (the next article has a mind navigation map of each brand’s series of products), and different series correspond to different user groups.

Product and personal needs

Please find out if the purpose of buying a laptop is for personal home use, office work or gaming?

In addition to playing games, brand-name computers sold in the general market are sufficient for personal home and office. The office is suitable for light and thin notebooks, and it is very important to be convenient to carry. The size is 14.1 inches, the weight is less than 2KG, and the thickness is less than 2cm. It is currently a more suitable size. To play games, go to Desktop Computer>Game Book>Ordinary Notebook.

If you are a game fan, you should know how to assemble a computer. Within your budget, buy the most powerful CPU and GPU installed, but the cost is completely lower than the same configuration computers sold on the market.

In addition, we need to consider two factors.

The first consideration is the CPU.

CPU: A healthy heart. From a strict design point of view, the CPU used in a notebook computer must be a “dedicated notebook computer processor”, commonly known as “MobileCPU”.

If the notebook computer uses a desktop CPU, it will increase the burden of the cooling system and the weight of the machine. So here I do not recommend buying a notebook with a desktop processor. Therefore, please be sure to ask if you are using a special processor for notebook computers when purchasing.

Here is a way to distinguish: Under WINDOWS XP, right-click on “My Computer” and select “Properties”, and the system status bar will appear. The system status bar has processor information, as long as it is a dedicated CPU for laptops. , There will be two frequencies appearing in the processor speed column, one is the highest frequency and the other is the current frequency. This is because the dedicated CPU for notebook computers can control the operating frequency of the CPU according to your actual running requirements at the time, which can reduce power consumption, while the desktop CPU has only one frequency display.

The second factor is the motherboard. Motherboard: a strong cornerstone.

The integration level of the notebook computer is very high. Some main functions are concentrated on the motherboard, and the performance of the motherboard directly determines the performance of the whole machine. Intel’s chipset has the best performance and quality, and the price is also the most expensive; besides, the most common chipsets are SIS and ALI chipsets. Low-priced machines generally use these two chips, which are stable. It is very good, but there is a considerable gap in performance compared with Intel.

After-sales service

Ask about the after-sale situation when buying. After a few years of warranty, whether there is a repair point in the country, this is really important to the later stage, in case any problem with the laptop computer can be solved well, so as not to affect your own use again. Generally, many laptops currently on the market have three levels of warranty, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years, and the prices are different. You can choose according to your personal preference and your own situation.

Finally, a special note: ‘’You get what you pay for, and you get what you pay for five cents’.

Please pay attention to the following questions when buying a computer:

Budget! budget! budget! The things that different budgets can do are different, although there is often a price difference of several thousand for the same configuration of the machine. But please note that the workmanship, design, and experience of low-end, mid-range, high-end, and flagship phones are different.

Need! need! need! The configuration required for different needs is different, although some people use MBA to play DOTA, and some use alien laptops for office work. But they are happy! For a better experience, please figure out your needs.

Everyone likes a different CPU. Don’t be preconceived by the information you have read before. An expensive computer does not necessarily match your favorite performance.

Please remember that the best laptop does not appear in real life, you can only find the most suitable laptop according to your needs and price.

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