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dere r9 pro details

DERE R9 PRO-R series

DERE R9 PRO, as the most popular product in the R series among the R, V, M, T, and G series, is also the highest-selling product in the DERE brand. The R series has two models: R9 PRO and R10. Today we will introduce the R9 PRO, the first product that DERE has begun to enter the market, to see what magic it has.


Intel Celeron N5095

N-series Celeron and Pentium processors tend to have a 6 W TDP. Celeron N5095 has a 15 Watt TDP not unlike the faster U-series Core i3/i5/i7 processors. Long-term performance sustainability is therefore destined to be an issue in passively cooled setups which could make the CPU unpopular among laptop/tablet manufacturers.

The 8 Best Laptop from Dere

Wanting both mainstream performance and thin and light weight has always been a paradox that troubles thin and light notebook users. Recently, Dai Rui (DERE), a frequent customer on the Tmall business computer rankings, has launched a new thin and light model-DG1, which is fully equipped with Intel Iris discrete graphics and Intel Core i5 processors. Taking into account the mainstream performance and the thin and light appearance, it has re-established the benchmark for the cost-effectiveness of thin and light notebooks, and it is the protagonist of today.

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