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DERE R9 PRO, as the most popular product in the R series among the R, V, M, T, and G series, is also the highest-selling product in the DERE brand. The R series has two models: R9 PRO and R10. Today we will introduce the R9 PRO, the first product that DERE has begun to enter the market, let us see what magic it has.

r9 pro 1
DERE R9 PRO R series


In order to protect the safety of the laptop during long-distance transportation, the laptop will be protected at the first level. The computer and accessories are first placed in a blister bag. Blister bags prevent collisions and secure the product, then place all items into a custom thickened color box and place a layer of air column bags on the outside of the color box. The air column bag prevents violent collisions of heavy objects against the box. Laptop packaging has a total of three layers of protection, and the package will be reduced due to other accidents in transit, thereby increasing consumer happiness.

r9 pro packages
r9 pro packages
dere plastic with box
dere plastic with box
single box1
thickened color box,
dere r9 pro opening box
dere r9 pro opening box

DERE R9 PRO size is 36×23.4×2.4cm, the size of the color box is 39.8×28.7x8cm, the weight is 1.4KG, the DERE R9 PRO bare metal weighs 1.66KG, the size of the machine is 36×23.4×2.3cm, the air column bag packaging is 45x38x13cm, the full shipping weight is 2.72kg. In short, the DERE R9 pro is really thin and light, very convenient to carry.

dere color box
dere color box

Content of box

  • Pack the Dere R9 PRO laptop in a very good quality plastic bag.
  • Black mouse pad, making the mouse more flexible.
  • USB HUB, there are four small sockets, you can insert the interface of the mouse, mobile phone and other USB interfaces.
  • Keyboard protective film to prevent keyboard dust or other dirty things from accumulating, affecting the service life of the laptop.
  • Instruction manual, available in seven languages, Russian/Spanish/French/English/Italian/Arabic/Portuguese.
  • Charger, EU, US and China models are available.
  • Wired mouse
dere r9 pro opening box
dere r9 pro opening box
dere r9pro box goods
dere r9pro box goods

The keyboard supports multiple languages

The language of keyboard is available in seven languages: Russian/Spanish/French/English/Italian/Arabic/Portuguese. Seven language keyboards support customers in different countries, DERE perfectly solves the problem of customers typing with different language keyboards.

What if you need to customize the keyboard in other languages, such as German, Malay, and Japanese?

There are two ways, 1. If you only need less than 10 customized laptops, you can contact the Aliexpress and Alibaba employees of DERE. The most direct way is to contact DERE staff on all major platforms, they are very patient and friendly. Contact DERE’s official website or, is responsible for the DERE brand B2B work, if you are a corporate buyer, you can contact her. is responsible for B2C work, if you are an individual buyer, you can contact this website.

7 languages keyboards
7 languages keyboards

In addition, DERE also provided a free keyboard protector, which can effectively prevent dust and other dirt.

Exterior design

R9 PRO is really unique in appearance, available in four colors: Red/Silver/Black/White. There is a distinctive DERE silver-white logo on the upper left corner of the A-side of the laptop. The keyboard color is black, which forms a sharp contrast with the body color, allowing you to type faster.

4 colors
4 colors

When you put it on the table and match it with the coffee next to it, you will feel how fashionable this laptop is, and it matches the surrounding environment very well, and you will feel happy.

pc and cofffee
DERE R9PRO laptop and coffee

R9 PRO 15.6-inch large screen, ABC three-sided border about 5mm narrow border design, about 89.5% screen ratio, mastering the 99-key full-size large keyboard makes work more efficient and play games more enjoyable.

For your laptop’s connection ports, you can choose them with confidence: on the left, there is a USB Type-A port along with HDMI and charging ports, while on the right another USB port with Ethernet, 3.5mm jack, and MicroSD Expansion slot. The 0.3MP front-facing camera sits above the display, and the jack connector offers decent sound quality and also accepts full headphones.

Interestingly, DERE adds a separate, easily accessible port via the m. 2 SSD drive, making the SSD memory card on the R9Pro easier to replace. It’s a better option for later laptops that need more memory. Of course, it’s better to start off with a laptop with more storage and a higher price. At least in this way, the operation and storage space of the computer can be greatly improved.

Performance and Battery life

CPU-intel N5095

Model NumberR9 Pro
MaterialsABS plastic
Operation systemWindows 10
Selling points15.6” full view display with the narrow edge
Equipped with RJ45 port
DERE R9 PRO Basic information:
What’s insideR9 pro*1/Power adaptor*1/
Multilingual User Guide
Product size (mm)36x23.4x2.3
Package size (mm)(Packed in a color box in air column bags)450x380x130
Net weight (kgs)1.66
Gross weight (kgs)2.72
DERE R9 PRO Package specifications:
DERE R9 PRO Certifications:
Display15.6”/1920*1080/16: 9/LED backlight
CPUIntel® Celeron® N5095 /quad-core four threads
2.0 GHz up to 2.90 GHz/10nm
Graphics cardIntel® UHD Graphics/Frequency : 450 MHz-750 MHz
RAM12GB LPDDR4x/Build-in none DDR slot
Storage256GB/M.2(128GB/512GB optional)
Connection portsUSB3.0*2/RJ45*1/Micro SD Card Reader*1/3.5mm earphone jack*1/
3.5mm DC in*1/mini HDMI*1
Keyboard99 keyboards with number keys on the right side
CommunicationsWIFI:2.4GHz/5GHz, 802.11a/ac/b/g/n
Wired connection: Gigabit Ethernet
Sound systemDual speakers 8Ω*1W
Analog microphone*1
Input devicesTouch pad+keyboard
Power supplyBattery: 37Wh Lithium polymer
Power adaptor : input 100-240V 50/60Hz/Output 12V/3A
Other devicesFront camera:0.3MP*1
DERE R9 PRO Technical information:

The CPU of the DERE R9 PRO is the Intel Celeron N5095, and the Intel Celeron N5095 is a quad-core SoC of the Jaser Lake series, which will be released in early 2021. The four Tremont CPU cores are clocked between 2 and 2.9 GHz (single-core Burst) and do not offer hyperthreading. (SMT). The N5095 uses 1.5 MB L2 and 4 MB L3 cache. The chip is fabricated on Intel’s 10nm process. Compared to the similar Celeron N5105, the N5095 has a specified 5W higher TDP, and in addition to the quad-core CPU module, the SoC integrates a 16 EU Intel UHD graphics GPU clocked at 450-750 MHz and an LPDDR4(x) dual Channel memory controller (up to 16 GB and 2933 MHz). The chip also now partially integrates Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+), 8 PCIe 3.0 lanes, 14 USB 2.0/3.2 ports, and two SATA 6.0 ports. N-series Celeron and Pentium processors tend to have a 6 W TDP. The Celeron N5095 has a 15-watt TDP, no different from the faster U-series Core i3/i5/i7 processors. (More information Intel N5095 at and

DERE R9 PRO is designed for real-time use, DERE provides 12GB+256GB or 12GB+512GB configuration machine. Hard drive storage can be doubled using Micro-SD. So, there’s plenty of space to store files and pictures on the go. Also, the speeds are pretty decent, at 270MB/s for reading and 130MB/s for writing. Highly optimized for ultrabooks, the processor features ultra-low-voltage algorithms and quad-core processing for maximum efficient power. DERE R9 Pro laptops are designed to provide a holistic experience for Windows machines, focusing primarily on portability and uncompromising real-time use.

intel n5095

GPU-Intel® UHD Graphics

GPU is powered by Intel® UHD Graphics, /Frequency: 450 MHz-750 MHz. Provides high image quality for photo editing and mid-range games, can multitask smoothly, and bring customers an excellent user experience.

dere r9 gpu
Dere r9 pro GPU

Battery life

It can be clearly said that the DERE R9 Pro is a great companion for travel or working. The laptop can get through everyday tasks without any major issues, and when combined with the 37,000mAh battery, it gets around 48 hours of standby time and around 6 hours of battery life. It also provides plenty of working time, battery life is not a big issue in the current Covid-19 pandemic, we rarely travel and we rarely have access to the laptop outdoors, so it’s usually connected to a power source at home or in the office It can be used when.


The DERE R9PRO features a 15.6-inch HD IPS LCD display with impressive scratch-resistant glass (1920 × 1200 FHD resolution). The monitor has a 16:9 ratio and is mounted with a width of 1.3 or 2.0 cm around the edges of the monitor. This means you have more screen real estate and fewer screen bezels. The weight of the whole machine is only 1.4 kg, which is also excellent for thin and light notebook computers.

Dere R9 Pro 15.6inch

Trackpad and adapter

The trackpad position is wide and very sensitive, you can use the trackpad to operate when you forget to plug in the mouse. Of course, we use the mouse the most in our daily lives. DERER9PRO comes with an adapter from the EU or an adapter from China.

dere r9 pro whole
dere r9 pro using


DERE R9 PRO after-sales, DERE supports a one-year warranty, if there are any problems during use, please go to the platform where you purchased to communicate with the customer service staff, they will solve the problems that appear in the notebook very well.

Super affordable laptops like this are for those who need a laptop for basic tasks and home study, and whose budgets are stretched to the limit. For them, the Dere R9 Pro covers the basics, and it’s perfect for basic home education and everyday office needs.

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