How about Dere laptops? Is it worth buying?

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Dere is a brand established in Shenzhen, China in 2009, and has a history of 12 years by 2021. Sales in the Chinese market are mainly on two e-commerce platforms, Tmall and Starting in 2020, it will be sold in more than 60 countries including Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, France, Italy, Russia, the United States, Austria, and Romania. Sell through Shopee, Lazala, Aliexpress, Alibaba, Amazon, and Shopify e-commerce platforms. T-mall and sell an average of 20,000 units per month, and the repurchase rate and praise rate are close to 100%. In Lazada, it is loved by many people and ranks in the top three in search rankings.

Monthly sales of a single product on Tmall directly 10K+

more than 7*20,000 reviews on JD.COM, just show 10 Dere laptops on a picture.

So what about the Dere laptop? Is it worth buying?
Let’s first look at the buyer’s comments.

The content that was tied on the same day as the evaluation on Tmall is
”Bought it for her husband. She likes this color very much. The notebook is light and thin, easy to carry, and has a fast boot speed. It can transfer files with the Hongmeng system mobile phone, answer calls on the computer, and use the notebook camera when communicating smoothly. And audio, super convenient. ’’

The selling price of Dere notebook is between USD280-900, and the price will be different according to different models and different hard disk capacities. The price of Dere’s notebooks is in line with Dere’s own slogan ’’Choose DERE — High Performance & Best Budget’’.

Let’s first look at the cost of a product.
Spare parts + freight + maintenance + manpower + platform + profit.
Spare parts: CPU and GPU of the computer, these two account for about 60% of the selling price of the computer.
Freight: The farther away the factory is from the customer, the more expensive the freight will be. If the quantity is small, it will be shipped by air, and the quantity will be shipped by sea or in separate containers.
Maintenance: The computer has a one-year warranty, which hides the cost of maintenance.
Manpower: The cost of manpower and material resources required by the company requires specialized personnel to be responsible for each link.
Platform: The platform fee includes registration fees, commissions, and advertising costs.
Profit: selling price-cost = profit.

So, what is the configuration corresponding to this price?

The model and CPU of Dere are as follows:

MBook M1015.6ABSIntel Celeron N5095
R9 PRO15.6ABSIntel Celeron N5095
RBook R10-pro15.6ABSIntel Celeron N5095
V14 AIR14.1MetalIntel i7-7500U
V14S14.1MetalIntel Celeron N5095
TBook T11-pro15.6MetalIntel® Core™ i7-1165G7
TBook T12-pro15.6MetalIntel® Core™ i5-8279U
TBook T12-pro15.6MetalIntel® Core™ i5-8279U
TBook DG115.6MetalIntel core i5-10210U+Intel® Iris® Xe MAX Graphics
MBook M1115.6Metal+Fingerprint recognition + backlit keyboardIntel Celeron N5095
MBook M12-pro15.6Metal+Fingerprint recognition + backlit keyboardIntel Celeron N5095
V9 MAX15.6Metal+Fingerprint recognition + backlit keyboard10th Gen Intel® Core™ I3-1005G1
GBook G1717.3MetalI5-9400+Integrated Graphics

The CPUs Dere uses are basically low-end and mid-range. For example, the N5095 was released by Intel in 2021.

From this we can conclude that Dere is a mid-to-low-end notebook brand, and the materials and configurations selected match the price. As for whether it is worth buying, it varies from person to person. For local tyrants, Dere is not worth mentioning; for game enthusiasts, Dere is certainly not of interest. But for office workers and students who only use computers to complete daily tasks, such as accessing information online, online classes, watching movies and chatting, and who need to carry laptops daily, Dere is enough.
Because there is no need for a high-configuration computer, it only needs to be easy to carry for daily use. Moreover, Dere’s after-sales service is very powerful, with a one-year warranty, and any problems with the computer can be repaired free of charge.

Dere, it is worth buying.

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