How to maintain laptop

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1.Why do you need to maintain your laptop?

Notebook computers are consumables. Paying attention to usage habits and proper maintenance will appropriately extend the service life of the computer. Some people maintain it well. After four years of use, it not only looks new but also the computer runs smoothly without jamming. In fact, the laptop is almost the same as the mobile phone. The shell of the machine will be scratched after a long time of use. If the running memory is not enough, there will be a jam. If you are not super-rich like me and will love money, you need to pay attention to the maintenance of your laptop. Because ordinary notebooks need 500-1200usd (deep laptop 500usd), and high-end computers need 1200-3000usd, which is really a big expense.

Let’s learn how to maintain the laptop with me.

2. How to maintain a laptop

2.1 New laptop

The newly purchased notebook battery shall be exhausted: when using the newly purchased notebook for the first time, make sure to use all the power in the battery. It is best to use the power in the battery for the first three or four times and exhaust the power every time. Every time you use the power in the battery, it is best to use almost the power in the battery before charging.

2.2 How to do daily maintenance for laptop

The laptop must be powered off when cleaning. Cleaning when it is powered on is a very dangerous behavior!

At the beginning of using the laptop, you need to do a good job in the maintenance of the laptop. Long-term maintenance can make the laptop more long-term use.

  1. Clean the display screen of the notebook computer: when cleaning the display screen of the notebook computer, pay special attention to waterproof. It is best to use a soft cloth without lint dipped in clean water or a special notebook computer cleaner to gently scrub it. It should be as gentle as the baby’s skin, otherwise it will scratch the screen of the notebook computer if you use too much force.

2. Cleaning laptop keyboard: when cleaning the keyboard, first install the smallest soft nozzle with a vacuum cleaner, absorb the dust between the keys, and then gently wipe the keys with a soft cloth. At the same time, after wiping a keycap, wipe it with a dry cloth immediately. Remove the keycap to clean it with alkaline detergent or washing powder or soap; Wipe the position below the keycap with a wet spectacle cloth; Pay attention to the bayonet. For stubborn stains, you can use a small screwdriver or blade to scrape gently; Pay attention to observe whether there is dirt at the connection of the X-frame, which needs to be cleaned.

3. Tips for cleaning notebook keyboard:
① The keyboard cleaner universal dust cleaning gel, as shown in the figure, is simple and effective to use. We just need to put the keyboard cleaning soft glue flat on the keyboard and then press it gently to make the keyboard cleaning soft glue penetrate into the gap of the keyboard, remove the dirt inside the keyboard, and then wipe the surface of the keyboard with a slightly wet rag. Is it simple? This really saves a lot of time to do other more important things.

4.② You can choose a hard card that you don’t use. Stick a cross with double-sided tape on both sides of the bottom of the card, and then drag it around the keyboard seem to absorb a lot of garbage you can’t see at ordinary times!

5. Pay attention to placement: do not put books and sundries on the laptop, because it is very likely to crush it. Believe me, many people have been forced to buy new laptops because of this. Room temperature (20-30 ℃) is the most suitable working temperature for the battery. The operating environment with too high or too low temperature will reduce the service time of the battery.

6. Pay attention to carrying: when carrying with you, don’t put the pen, external drive, or other sharp and hard objects with it, especially don’t touch the side of the display screen. It’s best to put it in a padded computer bag to prevent collision or extrusion damage.

7. Regular charge and discharge: the lithium battery of the notebook computer will lose its activity if it is not used for a long time. Therefore, if it is not used for a long time or the battery charge and discharge time becomes shorter, the battery should be fully discharged and then fully charged. It is recommended to charge and discharge at least once a month.

8. Close irrelevant programs: all programs opened by the computer need to use a certain amount of power. More programs will accelerate the use of your battery power, and some programs are not necessary to be opened. Clean the startup items regularly and close those irrelevant programs.

9. Use the software or driver to protect the battery to prolong the service life of the battery: download the battery maintenance software or driver. When the battery is not used, it is best to use the battery maintenance software or driver to set the service state of your battery and debug it to maximize the service life of the battery, so as to prolong the service life of the battery.

2.3. What are the reasons affecting battery life?

Undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, storage passivation, high and low temperature, charge-discharge aging are all important factors affecting battery life The aging of charge and discharge is mainly the problem of deep charge and discharge and high current charge and discharge, so it is actually less extreme Undervoltage, overvoltage and overcurrent It’s just a matter of whether it’s within or outside the threshold calibrated by the manufacturer At present, lithium battery manufacturers generally take the balance of these parameters as the bottom line to ensure the remaining 60-80% capacity after 300 deep charge and discharge cycles. When this bottom line is reached, they generally do not tend to pursue higher service life but instead pursue capacity and current This is also consistent with the charging frequency of mainstream electronic products and the service life cycle of the products themselves.

3. How to clean the laptop

At the beginning of using the laptop, you need to do a good job in the maintenance of the laptop. Long-term maintenance can make the laptop more long-term use.

  1. Taking apart the keyboard is the most effective way to remove dust. Before starting, you should prepare the dust removal tools of notebook computer, mainly including notebook computer, screwdriver, brush and thermal conductive silicone grease. Wash your hands before dismantling the machine, and then start working. If the hand is too dry, it is easy to appear classic.

2. Open the back cover of the laptop. Be sure to find out the models of different screws on the computer before unloading the screws. Remember the position of each screw when unloading, and then put the same screws together, it will become very chaotic.

3. After the back cover of the computer is opened, the keyboard can be taken out. This step is very key, so you need to be extra careful when taking it out, otherwise one will destroy the keyboard if you don’t pay attention. Generally, there will be two latches above the keyboard. Just open it gently to take out the keyboard.

4. Be very careful when removing the motherboard cover. It can be said that removing the motherboard is a very important process. It needs to be disassembled reasonably during installation, and static electricity can not be generated during use. Don’t be too violent when removing the motherboard. The disassembly steps are not difficult.

5. After the mainboard cover is the fan, it should also be removed. After the screws are correctly screwed off, separate the connecting line between the fan and the mainboard. This process is not complicated.

6. After the mainboard and fan are taken out, we can use the brush to thoroughly clean the dust on the main board. If the brush is not clean enough, we can use the hairdryer to clean it again. After the dust is removed, the computer should be assembled according to the conventional method.

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