How about mx350 graphics card? Compare GTX1050/GTX1050Max-Q


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The performance of the MX350 graphics card is equivalent to the GTX1050 Max-Q version, which belongs to the entry-level discrete graphics card level.
NVIDIA officially claims that the performance of the MX350 graphics card has increased by about 23% compared to the previous generation MX250.
This graphics card is mainly used for thin and light notebook devices, and it can reduce power consumption as much as possible while ensuring a certain performance.


The MX350 still uses the Pascal architecture, not the Turing architecture, which is a pity.
Fortunately, it is equipped with a new GP107 core, and the number of stream processor units has been increased to 640, which is exactly the same as the GTX1050.
Of course, the actual performance of the MX350 is incomparable with the GTX1050.
In order to save package size and PCB footprint, the memory bit width of MX350 is reduced to 64bit.
This will lead to an insufficient memory bandwidth of the graphics card, so its overall performance can only be close to the GTX1050 Max-Q version.

The mx350 still uses a 2G GDDR 5 graphics card with a bit width of 64 bits. The process is still a 14nm process. The difference from the previous two generations is that both the processing unit and the stream processor have been doubled. Others are similar to the previous two generations.

mx350 test
mx350 test

People who understand computers know that when the same framework is used, the number of stream processors determines the performance of the graphics card. Officials say that the MX 350 is about 23% higher than the MX 250. Nvidia finally made a normal boost too.

mx350 gtx1050 gtx1050max q compare
mx350 gtx1050 gtx1050max q compare

Let’s look at the gap between him and GTX1050. The number and frequency of its core code stream processors are the same, and the difference is that the bit width of the GTX 1050 is 128 bits. Relatively speaking, only the bit width is cut in half. Limiting a certain amount of power consumption, it can be seen from this point that the MX 350 is not as strong as the GTX 1050.

Maybe the gap between MX 350 and GTX 1050 is about 15%, but the performance of MX 350 and GTX 1050 MAX-Q is the same. From these points, it can be seen that the MX 350 is indeed a strong graphics card in portable notebooks.

oem lk 1560 laptop
OEM LK 1560 laptop

So there is no problem playing GTA 5 csgo DOTA2 in low quality. This graphics card is quite strong at entry-level. Games like LOL no doubt run smoothly and effortlessly.

This MX 350 is still worth looking forward to. Now our DEREPC official website supports MX350’s 15.6-inch laptop LK1560. If you want to wholesale a portable notebook that supports playing games, then hurry up and Olivia (olivia@linkebuy) Get in touch!

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