LK1410 Excellent on the go, impeccable

New series LK1410,I3/I5/I7+MX250 2G

Intel core i3-5405UIntel core I5-8265UIntel core I7-8565UIntel core i5-10210UIntel core i7-10510U
lk1410 main pic

Intel Core TM

10th generation processors

Burst performance, rapid response

intel corei3i5i7

Windows 10

Family English

Office Home and Student Edition

win 10


About 25w, high performance release independent display

mx250 game

IPS 1920*1080

High-resolution full screen

16:9 productivity screen ratio

lk1410 main o

8GB/16GB 3200MHz dual channel

256GB/512GB/1TB SSD


Long battery life

Fast charging

Intel core I7-8565U 4 Cores 8Threads 4.60 GHz Max Turbo Frequency

There are three models of chips to choose from

Intel core i7-10510U
Intel core i7-10510U 95%
Intel core I7-8565U
Intel core I7-8565U 92%
Intel core i5-10210U
Intel core i5-10210U 89%
Intel core I5-8265U
Intel core I5-8265U 87%
Intel core i3-5405U
Intel core i3-5405U 84%

Intel core i7-10510U

4 Cores      8Threads
4.90 GHz Max Turbo Frequency

Intel core i5-10210U

4 Cores     8 Threads
4.20 GHz Max Turbo Frequency

Intel core I7-8565U

4 Cores     8Threads
4.60 GHz Max Turbo Frequency

Intel core I5-8265U

4 Cores     8Threads
3.9 GHz Max Turbo Frequency

Intel core i3-5405U

2 Cores     4 Threads
2.3 GHz Max Turbo Frequency

lk1410 storage


Dual channel storage


NGFF high speed SSD

NVIDIA Geforce MX250

Strong blessing, the dream combination is achieved

A powerful processor and discrete graphics card can finally be combined in a thin and light notebook. Equipped with MX250 discrete graphics card with 384 CUDA cores, 2GB GDDR5, the highest 25W performance release and high-quality turing architecture make graphics performance take off, production bonus, and game frame rate further

nvidia mx250
25W MX250
LK1410 14'' 2022 87%
25W MX150
other laptops 74%

The release of high-energy processors, let the performance swept the army

The high-quality cooling system brings stable high-performance output, and the CPU can achieve about 25W of performance release, allowing the thin and light notebook to exert a lot of power beyond its size, and refuse to freeze at critical moments

lk1560 l
LK1410 14'' 2022 Discrete Graphics Version
Beast mode 91%
Normal state of thin and light notebook
Nomal 15W 82%

Cool and efficient cooling system, let cooling calmly

Dual heat pipe and dual fan cooling system, with large area fins, high-performance fans, gaming-grade heat-conducting materials and double-layer graphite heat sinks, the powerful cooling performance not only provides superior performance, but also makes the notebook computer when quiet and low temperature are required. The performance of the computer is unhurried.

About 36W

Cooling capacity of the whole laptop

About 5000PCS

CNC high speed drilling

About 15% improvement

Single fan performance

About 19% improvement

Fin heat dissipation area

Fingerprint unlock, security protection can be entered with one touch

No need to log in password, just touch the fingerprint sensor with your finger, you can log in conveniently and safely, effectively preventing password leakage.

fingerprint unlock

Exquisite and thin body, both convenience and texture

Adhering to the simple appearance style, using up to 16 complex processes to refine the shape to create a delicate body, creating a beautiful feeling

lk1410 fan

Weight 1.25KG

About 15.9mm thin

lk1410 1.23kg

Large-scale smooth touchpad

Precise positioning and flexible touch

lk1410 home

Convenient charging of large batteries

Long battery life, fast blood recovery

The 54Wh battery with further improved capacity can meet the needs of long-term office work

laptop battery time
  • 1080p local video playback: about 6 hours
  • Battery life benchmark: about 6 hours
  • Daily office simulation: 5 hours
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