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1. Dere historical story

DERE was established in 2009 and is located in Shenzhen, China. It is a consumer electronics manufacturer
A high-tech company integrating independent research and development, production, and sales.

For a full 12 years from 2009 to 2021, Dere has grown from a team of only 50 companies to a company of nearly 500 people. Linkebuy is responsible for all the businesses of the Dere brand overseas. Dere currently has a very high position in Taobao’s Taobao brand notebook computer category, with an average annual sales of 700,000 units. It is expected to hit 1 million units in 2021.

In 2019, the sales of DERE star product R9 Pro model notebook exceeded 300,000 units.
Has won the recognition of customers and a high product reputation.
In 2020, DERE entered the Southeast Asian market and became a TOP-level seller of cross-border merchants in just three months.
In 2021, Dere is not only particularly popular in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia, but also popular among people in Europe, South America, and the Middle East. For example, countries such as Italy, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, and Egypt. From January to December 2021, Dere has brought joy to 200,000 customers.

2. Dere brand positioning

Big brands are dismissive of the market below RMB3000(USD500), and DERE has keenly discovered this gap in the market. Since the establishment of the company, it has determined to base itself on it, and while taking into account the cost, it will bring more than expected user experience to target consumers.s not have an external cover to cover the speaker.

3. The 8 Best Laptop from Dere


The DG1 is Dere’s flagship product. Unlike the mainstream heavyweight and light performance practice in the market, the Dai Rui DG1 prefers a thin and light notebook that can meet the needs of business and even most light game users. Equipped with the new Intel iRIS Xe MAX discrete graphics and the 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor, it is a lightweight and affordable laptop that can handle almost all office and leisure software with multi-engine co-working and 4GB of dedicated graphics memory. In, I have to say, this configuration is very compelling.

DERE DG1 has a simple and generous appearance, the fuselage surface adopts an anodizing process, bringing high-grade matte texture and first-class touch, which also makes it difficult to leave fingerprints during use, and can also play an anti-scratch effect. In addition, the A-side does not have elements such as the brand LOGO to integrate, which is very pleasing for users who like a simple style.

DERE DG1 has chosen a lightweight aluminum-magnesium alloy in terms of body material, which makes it lighter while retaining its robustness and durability. With a thickness of 17mm and a weight of less than 2kg, it is remarkable in terms of portability, and there will be no burden on multi-scene conversion.

DERE DG1 is more oriented towards the mobile productivity tools of the business crowd, which means that the quality of its screen will directly affect the use of the feeling. Therefore, this thin and light book in the screen, the use of three sides of the micro-narrow bezel of 15.6-inch high color gamut, wide viewing angle FHD IPS screen, coupled with 180 degrees open screen design, the visual effect is very excellent.

In terms of interfaces, the dere DG1 is also impressive. It gives 2 USB A interfaces (both 3.0 specifications), 1 Type-C interface, 1 Mini HDMI interface, 1 Gigabit RJ45 network port, 1 3.5mm headset interface and 1 standard SD reader on both sides of the fuselage, and the rich interface variety provides more scalability, making it easy to meet the needs of different users.

DERE DG1 is equipped with the mainstream Intel Core 10th generation processor in terms of performance, as well as the new Intel iRIS Iris Xe MAX discrete graphics, such a configuration from daily office to image processing are more than enough, even professional software and mainstream online games.

First of all, looking at the processor, i5-10210U is the mainstream model in the Intel Core 10th generation processor, using 14nm process technology, four cores and eight threads, 6MB cache specifications, with 1.6GHz base frequency, 4.6GHz maximum turbo frequency. In the Cinebench R20 test, the processor scored 1260cb on multi-core tests and 412cb on single-core processing, which is completely sufficient for daily office and entertainment.

In terms of graphics, the DERE DG1 has the latest Intel iRIS Iris Xe MAX discrete graphics built-in. In simple terms, the Iris Xe MAX is a standalone package of the Iris Xe core display, all of which are built using the 10nm SuperFin process and have 96 EU units (768 stream processors), 48 texture units, and 24 ROP raster units. However, due to the independent package design of the Iris Xe MAX, it is equipped with up to 4GB of LPDDR4X independent video memory, enjoying 25W TDP exclusively, so the core frequency is also increased from the 1350MHz of the Iris Xe core display to 1650MHz, and the performance is more powerful.

In addition, Iris Xe MAX also has a must-kill – Deep Link technology, which can aggregate multiple processing engines through a common software framework, provide new functions, maximize performance, enhance AI artificial intelligence creation performance, video encoding capabilities. Through 3DMark’s FireStrike mode, the total score of 5642 points and the 6336 points of graphics card sub-points mean that it is fully capable of handling daily image processing, video editing, and heavy online games, and light AAA games.

Finally, let’s look at the battery life problem. Now many mainstream thin and light books in order to ensure the lightness of the fuselage as much as possible will choose to give up the battery capacity so that it can not guarantee a long enough endurance. DERE DG1 is just the opposite, it is equipped with a 50000mAh large-capacity lithium-ion battery, the endurance is still relatively satisfactory, in the office, business travel, and other conditions out of the power supply, do not have to worry about the lack of power.

To sum up, the thin and light shape design, excellent screen quality, all-around interface configuration, etc. All make the DERE DG1 “stunning for four seats”, and the mainstream Intel Core 10th generation processors, and the new Intel Iris high-performance discrete graphics card. The cooperation makes this thin and light notebook qualify as a better portable productivity tool. It can be said that the price/performance ratio is very good. It is very suitable for workplace professionals and college students who pay attention to appearance and quality, pursue light, thin, portable, and balanced performance. Interested Friends can consider buying it!


It is one of Dere’s flagship products. The shell is designed with a metallic silver matte coating, and the design of the arc and the corners gives the laptop a simple texture. The overall shape has a simple texture. The design is light and thin, and it is easy to carry. Comes with a full-size keyboard. The operating temperature is low and the fan noise is very low.


V14air is one of the most attractive products, which can meet the necessary technologies for daily business calculations. The functions optimized for daily office calculations enable you to conduct business at any time. The lightweight 14.1-inch design is also easy to carry on the journey.

DERE V14AIR video


The biggest highlight of this notebook is that it has a seven-fold protection scheme for data security such as fingerprint recognition. If you are only for daily needs and considering the price, this M11 is good, relatively cheap, and suitable for families and students.

DERE M11 video


If you are looking for thinness, portability, and a good gaming experience outside of the office, I personally recommend the DERE notebook V series. It can meet the necessary technologies required for daily business calculations. The functions optimized for daily office calculations enable you to conduct business at any time. The lightweight 14.1-inch design is also easy to carry on the journey.

DERE V14S video


M10 is Dere’s best-selling model in Singapore. The HDMI interface can easily connect flat-screen TVs and projectors by wired or wireless; this laptop has a beautiful and unique appearance and a comfortable keyboard that is popular among the public. favorite.

DERE M10 video


V9MAX has made the body slimmer while maintaining a stylish and colorful appearance. The new stylish high-performance 14R is more in line with the needs of student users for laptops, and the price is also maintained at around 600USD, which is easy to accept. Fair price, long battery life, fingerprint recognition and other data security seven-layer protection scheme.

R9 pro

R9 pro is currently Dere’s best-selling model in overseas markets, and it is Dere’s star sales product. The screen frame is only 5mm, close to full screen, looks tall and has a very good experience. The product pursues individuality and cost-effectiveness. Its user group is individual users and home users who need faster performance, the latest technology and premium prices, and at the same time do not require long-term product life cycles and manageable product transitions.

DERE R9 PRO video
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